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  • A - To apply for jobs in security with Allied Universal, please follow these steps:

    • Search for jobs on and click “Apply Now”
    • Create your profile (an email address is required)
    • Complete the application
  • A - Yes, you can apply in person for jobs in security at one of our branches. Visit to find the address of your local branch.

  • A - After you complete an online application with Allied Universal you can expect a notification via email confirming that your application for one of our security jobs is submitted and under review. You can expect telephone, email, and/or text message communications from our team, and you may receive an invitation to complete a telephone screening or an in-person interview.

  • A - After you complete an online application with Allied Universal you can expect a notification via email confirming that your application for one of our security jobs is submitted and under review. You can expect telephone, email, and/or text message communications from our team, and you may receive an invitation to complete a telephone screening or an in-person interview.

  • A - If you forgot your password, you can easily reset it. Just click Log back in! at the top right corner of any page on the Allied Universal career site ( You will be directed to the Login page, where there is a link for Forgot your password? Once you click the link, enter your email address, and then check your email for directions to reset your password. Please remember to keep your password in a secure location so it is easier for you to return to your existing profile at any point.

  • A - Based upon the information you provide Allied Universal, we may send you information about positions that open up for which our team feels you may be a fit. You can elect to stop receiving these alerts at any time by logging back in to our system and changing your contact preferences.

  • A - Many states license those in security guard jobs, and some cities within them do. There are separate permits to carry a gun for armed security jobs, however these are not needed for unarmed security jobs. Once you apply with Allied Universal, our team will explain the licensing process and work with you to find the best jobs in security for you.

  • A - You do not need to have a security license up front in order to apply for security guard jobs at Allied Universal. Once you have applied, our team will explain the licensing process and advise you on the most cost and time efficient method of obtaining a license.

  • A - Pay for security guard jobs can vary by location, assignment, and level of experience. Allied Universal prides itself on providing competitive wages in each market we serve.

  • A - With approximately 300,000 service personnel in North America, we have many different typical days depending on the security job. Allied Universal employees act as the eyes and ears of our clients and facilitate day to day public interactions in a safe and secure manner. Whether you are working on site security at lobby of a landmark high rise building, working in a local shopping center, access control in a major metropolitan medical center, campus safety, or working at an industrial facility, Allied Universal commits to security guard training so all of our personnel can provide quality services to our customers, day or night.

  • A - When you apply for security jobs in any state or city you can expect to have at least some background checks done on you before you are approved for a security guard license. Background checks that are run when you apply for security guard jobs generally include finger print and criminal record checks.

  • A - The cost of applying for a security license varies by state, city, and method of application. Once you apply for a security job with Allied Universal, our team will recommend the most cost-efficient licensing process to you.

  • A - The time that it takes for a security license application to clear depends on the state or city where you are applying, and your criminal record. In some states, you may work with a provisional security license. Other states mandate that you may not begin security guard service until your license has cleared. Depending on where you wish to work, our team will be able to advise you on how quickly you can expect your guard license to clear, and when you can expect to begin working in your security job.

  • A -The Hiring Process from start to finish can vary in length depending on the licensing process. Allied Universal endeavors to expedite the hiring process whenever possible. The new hire orientation generally lasts 2-3 hours and takes place at the local branch office. Please stay connected with the hiring manager or recruiter for additional details on new hire orientation.

  • A – Allied Universal requires drug testing as a condition of employment.

  • A – Allied Universal uses E-Verify, an internet based system that compares information entered by an employer from an employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to records available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to confirm employment eligibility.

  • A – Allied Universal provides your uniform to you, with the exception of shoes, belt, and socks. During your new hire orientation, HR takes your uniform measurements, and uniform items are issued to you. The amount of items issued depends on the security job and whether you are working full time or part time as a security guard.

  • A – Allied Universal’s full-time positions offer a full range of benefits, including medical/dental/vision insurance, flex spending accounts, and 401K plans.

  • A – We know that our own employees make the best “recruiters” for finding new employees. Allied Universal’s Partners in Employment (PIE) Program is an employee referral bonus program that pays $1,000 per referred employee. There is no cap on how many referrals you can make. We believe that our employees know what it takes to be a phenomenal security officer and can be our best source for identifying and referring others to jobs in security with Allied Universal.

  • A – Allied Universal offers recognition programs and awards, including the Hero-of-the-Year award; You’re Phenomenal On-the-Spot Reward; and Community Service Award, demonstrating the huge value that Allied Universal places on the good deeds and heroic acts employees perform daily in the communities they serve. Our Service Anniversary Award Program recognizes the achievement of various milestones and celebrates the longevity and commitment shown by our employees. Allied Universal offers a scholarship program for employees’ student dependents, and personal development training programs for self-improvement opportunities and career navigation.

  • A – Allied Universal has negotiated special discounts for employees (and in many cases, family members) for a wide array of products and services. Allied Universal has partnered with vendors to offer exclusive prices, discounts, and offers from thousands of local and national merchants. Additionally, our employees are eligible for a discount on tuition for childcare at all KinderCare locations nationwide.

  • A - We encourage our employees to work with their managers to develop an individual guide to identify their career goals, and map out a plan for working toward that goal. Activities may include seeking on-the-job security guard training, classroom/online training at Allied Universal, self-development, and outside activities that will enhance skills and experience to prepare the employee to take the next career step.

  • A – We offer tuition discounts for a wide variety of degree programs at over a dozen colleges and universities around the country. Allied Universal is committed to helping its employees achieve their higher education goals.

  • A - Our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values are the guiding forces behind our organization. Learn more here.